Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Things have been a bit hectic and a whole lot of fun as of late.  I got to go to the Wisconsin State Fair twice! I went the first time for opening day for $2 for donating canned goods.  I went that day because it was really the only non weekend day that my hubby could go before he started his new job (which was this Monday.)  While I was there I saw 2 booths that sold exclusively dog stuff, and one had corgi things in almost everything they sold! In the end I got to get a corgi hand towel and a corgi flag.   They were soooo cute!
I ended up having to go again to the State Fair because it was dog day on Monday, the day he started work. So my mother decided to go with me. :)  There were no corgis there, sadly, but there were some basenjis, many cute malmutes, a Great Pyrnees, and some hillarious greyhounds in swimsuits. There were also TONS of German Shepherds there. They had coursing, dog dock diving, and a doggy wedding.  They actually had multiple dog weddings, but I really couldn't handle both the Elvis impersonator and  the bad microphone at the same time.

(The dog State Fair images were taken with my father's camera. It's an excellent cam corder, however, it seems to have issues in metering light.  Oh well, didn't have to carry my bulky one in the heat this way.)

  There were some impressive jumps, and some funny, why would I jump if there's a ramp right there? :)
  There was a street fair on Friday I got to go to, and it seems like everyone and their dog were out (happy happy joy joy!)

 I also got to eat at a Friday's at Miller Park Saturday and got to go to the Bristol Renaissance festival on Sunday.  Sadly the Bristol Ren Faire doesn't allow dogs like the MN one does, but I digress, it was a blast even if it was very hot.  I got the last item to complete my garb.
I'm the elf.  I got a Felix bodice after pining over bodices made by that shop for 7 years.  I've been told that I now look like Dark (evil) Zelda.  Somehow, that just makes me giddy.  Either way, even with the rain it was tons of fun and I get to go back Labor Day weekend!

Finally, now with hubby working again, I've got my ambition back to do projects.  I remade his Aperture Laboratories mug after it got thoroughly shattered after the latest set of moves.

It's not perfect, but considering it's not done by a machine I'd say it's not half bad. The last image is the original one that I tried to Gorilla glue back together that shifted during the bonding process.
And then I turned Nyan corgis into an apron.  I'm debating on selling it.  I probably will, but that would be after I set up the new site. I'm thinking of moving from Etsy to a different site that doesn't charge listing fees.  Either that, or I will pop that and a few other items into a friend's actual brick and mortar shop. I have to make more items before I decide.

Pocket Puppy Closeup
Thank you for reading through this long winded post. :)


Monday, August 1, 2011

Some things I have found

So on Sunday we opened the sales fliers and right on top was Shopko with this:
 So now I have this as a binder for my cake class.  I am such a sucker.
Then I went to Gnome Games out in Green Bay, WI and was perusing merchandise while hubby was hanging out with a friend.  I spotted puzzles and didn't really think anything of interest was in it.  I accidentally bumped one off the shelf and right behind it was this:
I let out a loud squee that alerted the staff and one member started suggesting corgi books to me.  Aren't fellow nerds great? :)
I'm going to end up putting this puzzle together, gluing it, and framing it. :D


Sir Corgreud Esquire the 3rd

My hubby has a new job!  AND I don't have to move!  HUZZZAH!  I also get to go to the Wisconsin State Fair this week as well as get to go to the Bristol Ren. Faire this Sunday!  No lovely doggies like at the MN one, but still fun.

In other news, I will be starting cake decorating class tomorrow.  I figured I'm trained as a sculptor, I should try to do cakes.